Lewmar Winches

For Lewmar customers, there is no such thing as just a winch. That's because inside every Lewmar Winch, you will find materials developed for the aerospace industry, precision CNC machined for maximum efficiency, durability and strength-to-weight ratio. And because of our aggressive in-house testing program, Lewmar Winches have proven themselves time and again in the roughest conditions and on the toughest racing courses. Choose from a variety of finishes from lightweight carbon for the elite racer to shining chrome for cruising yachts.

Standard Winches

standard winch

Lewmar has created a winch range that incorporates many exciting disciplines. All brought together with a blend of traditional skills and high technology, which are reflected in the outstanding quality of Lewmars standard winches. Besides the technical innovation and high performance criteria involved, theres also the aesthetic appearance and finish to consider. The range shown here achieves just that with sizes ranging from 6 to 44, one- or two-speed gearing and three superb finishes including classical bronze. All of which is supported by a comprehensive range of winch spares.

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Self-tailing Winches

Lewmar fuses its legendary quality with state of the art technology to offer the most advanced winch range ever; the EVO.

evoLewmar believes in evolution not revolution it has been evolving and improving winch technology for almost half a century. Since the 1960s Lewmar has developed winch solutions for the worlds leading boatbuilders, custom yards and race teams. No other company in the leisure marine market has the same level of heritage and expertise when it comes to building reliable, high quality, easy to fit and easily serviceable winches.  Lewmar are so confident about the quality of the new EVO winch range that they are backing this up with a new comprehensive 7-year warranty.

With Lewmars global network of distributors, wherever you are in the world, you can be confident that Lewmar will be there to support you

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Electric Winches

evo electric

A Self-Tailing Winch that works at the push of a button. That's exactly what you'll find with Lewmar's Electric Winch range. Available in sizes 40-111, our electric winches give you complete hands-free sail control on boats from 30-80 feet (9-24m) long.




  • Push Button Power
  • Quiet operation
  • Manual override
  • All the benefits of the Evo/ Oceanrange
  • Easy to install

Choice of 2 types of control:

E series electric motor including controller
The E series controller is now attached directly to the winch motor gearbox, this convenient solution removes any complicated wiring for the installer and the unit, also keeps the boat looking very tidy. A thermal trip is connected to monitor the motor temperature, which ensures a cut out if the heat builds up to an unacceptable level.
Manual operation is available as a back up, or to experience traditional sailing. This gives 2 speed manual drive, and one speed electric drive. Available on the Evo electric winch range 40, 45 & 50.
Electric winches up to the Evo 50 use the E series controller, and winches 55 and over use the Electric load sensing controller with built in overload protection.

ELS Electric load sensing 55ST 111ST
The ELS (Electric Load Sensing) Electric Winches are controlled by an Overload Protection Control Box, this allows the winch to be operated up to a high load, equivalent to the SWL (Safe Working Load) of each winch size. When this load is reached the winch automatically cuts out. If the load is reduced the winch load can be increased back up to this cut out level. Safety Overload Cut Out function was pioneered by Lewmar, and is a unique Lewmar feature. A Motor Thermal trip is connected as an extra safety feature to ensure a motor cut out, if the heat builds up to an unacceptable level.
With Lewmar electric winches, the sheet is recovered rapidly at low load when sheets are slacker, and slows down as load increases. This provides speed when you need it most, and control as you tune your sails to perfection. Manual operation facility is available as back up or to experience traditional sailing. Two + One speed comes as the standard control. It gives two-speed Manual drive (through use of the winch handle) + one-speed Electric Drive. Available on Lewmar winch sizes 55ST to 77ST. In addition Two +Two or three speed is available on Lewmar 68ST to 111ST.

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Hydraulic Winches

Lewmar's hydraulic powered winches combine the benefits of electric winches with systems integration. This allows the installation of a cost-effective multi-function hydraulic systems on boats over 15m (50ft). Enables short handed sailing through push button control of winches and other deck functions which can be integrated into the system.

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Racing Winches

Lightweight and strong, Lewmar's racing winches offer the serious racer outstanding performance and power. Using the best features of our standard range combined with the technology used on America's Cup and Volvo boats, Racing winches offer enormous weight saving for all IMS, Grand Prix and serious racer cruisers.

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Winch Handles

One Touch Winch Handle

The Lewmar OneTouch Winch Handle is a new approach to winch handle design. Its patented 'OneTouch' mechanism allows you to squeeze the releaselever (which runs the entire length of the handle) and pull to unlock in one quick, easy motion. To lock-in, simply squeeze and insert into winch. All it takes is one hand. So you can spend less time fiddling around and more time sailing.


Lite Touch Winch Handle

lite touch winch handleThe Lite Touch was developed using the latest winch handle technology providing an easy to use, lightweight yet affordable winch handle that floats.

Constructed from strong composite material for extreme rigidity, the Lite Touch features a push button locking mechanism and PowerGrip handle. The Lite Touch uses a universal bi-square designed to fit all current manufacturers' winches.

Its plunger operated locking mechanism is easily identifiable and accessible, which means no more fumbling to insert or release the handle. Just a push of the yellow button locks or releases the handle.

Lewmar's PowerGrip handle offers an easy one or two-handed operation and its bright yellow cap also makes it easily identifiable. This composite winch handle will not damage the deck if dropped and will float should it be accidentally washed overboard.

The Lite Touch is available in a 10" (250mm) standard handle length for maximum power ratio in all winches.

Lewmar Winch Handles

winch handleFor maximum efficiency all Lewmar winch handles have ball bearings.  The 200mm/ 8in handle is neat and compact for lower loads or very rapid action.  The 250mm /10" is for heavier loads and produces the maximum power ratio for the winch.


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