Lewmar Windlasses


The key features of Horizontal Windlasses are:

  • horizontal_windlassMost of the windlass unit is on the deck
  • Easy installation
  • Good for boats with small anchor lockers
  • Anchor rode enters the gypsy and makes 90 turn and feeds into the anchor locker
  • Minimum fall of 304mm (12") is recommended in order to have enough gravity to pull the rode down into the locker

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vertical_windlassThe key features of Vertical Windlasses are:

  • More of the unit is hidden below deck
  • Suitable for large anchor lockers
  • Anchor rode makes a 180 wrap around the gypsy and a 90 turn into the anchor locker
  • Minimum of 406mm (18") fall is recommended in order to have enough gravity to pull the rode down into the locker

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Lewmar's C Series Capstans provide almost effortless rope control at the press of a footswitch. They have been developed for boats up to 27m (90ft)

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Lewmar’s new V12 Windlass (gypsy drum model) – suitable for boats up to 49m (160 feet).

windlass_10_12_with_drumLewmar launches its new heavy lift Lloyd’s Approved V10 and V12 windlass range at METS this November. Designed for true super yacht appeal, the deck units are constructed from 316 stainless steel, with drums featuring Lewmar’s W.A.R.P (Wear and Abrasion Resistant Pattern).

The windlasses centre shaft has a support structure built to provide the ultimate in strength to withstand high loads on vessels up to 160 feet (49m).

The V10 and V12 windlass gypsies are driven by a solid dog-drive that can easily be disconnected for controlled anchor descent via a band brake. The band brake can be operated with a winch handle or remotely via two choices of hand wheel.


Lewmar’s new V12 Windlass (gypsy only model) – suitable for boats up to 49m (160 feet).

windlass_10_12_with_drumBoth sizes are available as gypsy only and gypsy drum in left hand, right hand and remote chain pipe configurations. Power option include 24V DC, 208v and 400V AC, or hydraulic, to suit every customer.

Extensive ranges of metric and imperial chain gypsies are available to suit most Yacht specifications including chain size up to 22mm Stud Link.

Lewmar also supply a complete range of Lloyd’s approved capstans, anchors, chain stoppers, wild cats and roller to complement its windlasses.




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