Whatever your sailing program is (cruising, club, regatta, Olympic, Tran’s ocean…), you will always find the right Wichard product which has been designed and engineered, to match your expectations:

  • Wichard’s range of blocks will cover all your yacht’s possible applications; Roller blocks (30 - 240mm), Plain Bearing Blocks (18 - 70mm), Ball Bearing blocks (18 - 80mm)
  • Stainless steel products (shackles, snap hooks, snap shackles, pad eyes, adjusters, etc.), forged in France, and stamped “Wichard”: a guarantee of safety.
  • Safety products: harness tethers, “Gyb’Easy” the new boom brake and the recently released quick release trapeze spreader bar. The best in marine hardware, for your safety, aboard.
  • Sailing accessories: knives, tillers extensions, shacklers - commonly used tools designed for performance, comfort and ease of use whilst sailing.

About Wichard

The Wichard Company was founded by Henri Wichard in Thiers in 1919. The company is both a world leader in marine fittings and a dominant industrial actor in various other industrial sectors: aeronautics, medical, automotive etc. Today the Wichard Group brings together products of the Wichard (marine and precision forging) and products of Profurl (sail furlers).



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