BN 7x50 C II

To meet the increasing demand within the sailing market, MINOX is introducing the new solid and reliable BN 7x50 C II marine binoculars, the perfect on-board companion for all waters around the globe. The new and improved oculars provide an even faster and more comfortable viewing experience for easy orientation while at sea.

BN 7x50 DCM

The BN 7x50 DCM is the flagship of the MINOX Nautic Line and convinces with innovative features. At the push of a button, the multifunctional digital display located at the centre of the field of view supplies all information required when at sea. Advantage: observed objects and compass remain at the centre of attention.

BN 7x50

The BN 7x50 is the class reference model in the MINOX Nautical Line. Equipped with Porro prisms, these binoculars offer excellent light transmission and a strikingly plastic image.

BV 8x25

Whether for use on a yacht or during free time on land, the BV 8x25 is the perfect universal binocular for daily use by a charterer. Standing out with excellent optics and turnable eyecups, these binoculars are a pleasure to use, even for eyeglass wearers. The compact, light and handy form fits into any coat pocket.

MD 6x16

The MINOX Monocular mini telescope is ideal for those who canβ€˜t use conventional binoculars at any particular time. This mini telescope is very small, provides high quality optical performance and is easy to use. The MD 6x16 A has an additional exciting feature with its integrated altimeter.

NV 351

With the powerful residual light amplifier in the MINOX NV 351 and a 2.5x magnification, objects can be viewed in sharp detail of a distance up to 70 meters, bringing light into the deepest of darkness - perfect for a safe orientation in very low light situations.