The smallest of home comforts can make a world of difference afloat. Our Bathroom range provides innovative solutions, ensuring that you can completely unwind after a full dayโ€™s sailing.

Brush & Stow

Brush & Stow is a unique cleaning brush, specifically developed to tackle the challenges of Marine bathrooms. Engineered to fit the small toilet bowls commonly found in yacht heads, the Brush & Stow is wall mounted, holding still in motion.

Toilet Roll Protector

DRYROLL is a watertight toilet tissue dispenser ideal for combination shower/heads. Simple and inexpensive DRYROLL will eliminate wet toilet paper completely, providing an ideal solution to the practicalities of living onboard.

Vent & Light

Designed for yacht showers, toilets and galleys, VENT & LIGHT is a combined extractor fan with integral light. Perfect for the restricted spaces found onboard, VENT & LIGHT extracts vapour, helping to avoid problems with mould and mildew.