Wichard is the global leader in marine fittings and top ranking player for industrial customers, the group has remained true to its original specialty and ethic. Wichard designs, manufactures and markets its products. Even before the production phase, the company design its own manufacturing tools. All safety products are manufactured in France by our teams using Wichard equipment. Wichard maintains control over its products all along the production chain, with the philosophy: to be a force in the sailing market through the inherent qualities of its products.

For nearly 40 years Wichard has been following the development of techniques and regularly designing new product. Through this Wichard is a bridge between the traditions of the forge and the performance requirements of modern technologies.


Wichard offers a comprehensive range of blocks including roller blocks, ball bearing and plain bearing blocks, ratchet blocks, snatch blocks, stainless steel blocks, and block accessories to optimize your boat fittings.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel products (shackles, snap hooks, snap shackles, pad eyes, adjusters, etc.), forged in France, and stamped โ€œWichardโ€: a guarantee of safety.

Sailing Accessories

Wichard sailing accessories aim at easing operations and the life on board. They will quickly become essential tools.