Navtec Rigging

Kiwi Yachting is able to provide a range of Navtec rigging solutions.

Continuous Rod, Wire, and Fiber Rigging

Continuous rigging consists of a set of shrouds which pass from the top of the mast, over the spreader tips to the deck without termination. This enables simple spreader design, effortless installation, and straightforward tuning adjustment at deck level. An overall high standard of aesthetic appeal, strength, durability, and ease of use means that Navtec continuous systems are favored by many production boat builders. Navtec continuous systems are available in fiber, Nitronic 50 Rod, and wire rigging. Navtec continuous fiber systems are particularly efficient due to the ability to tailor the diameter of the shroud to match the decreasing loads aloft.

Discontinuous Rigging

Discontinuous rigging is based upon the principle of one stay between each span, linked by tip cups, special links, or spreader terminations. Each span is fitted with the appropriate size wire or rod for the load, reducing windage and the overall weight of the rig. Tuning is carried out at deck and spreader level, with shorter length spans resulting in less stretch in each stay. Navtec discontinuous systems are available in Navtec stainless rod rigging or Z-System fiber rigging, with marine eye, lashing eye, or biconic terminations. Individual shroud sections provide ease of repair or replacement. Navtec discontinuous systems are the preferred choice of performance racing boats and superyachts.