Marine Season at SILVA

Kiwi Yachting have been the distributors of SILVA for over 15 years The History of SILVA: 1933 - Björn, Alvar and Arvid Kjellström invents the first ever liquid filled compass. 1935 - Silva introduced their first headlamp Zeiler and the retail price was $1.36 NZD.1939 - The first mirror sighting, liquid damped baseplate compass was introduced.1955 - Björn Kjellström published a book on land navigation and the sport of orienteering.1955 - In the 50’s and 60’s Silva also manufactured trays made of teak.1960 - Silva introduced their first wrist compass, the Globe Trotter.1971 - Björn Kjellström co-founded the United States…continue reading →

Lewmar SURESHADE now in NZ!

SURESHADE by Lewmar What is SureShade? SureShade is a retractable sunshade system providing convenience, comfort and protection from the sun. SureShade has been fitted on thousands of boats worldwide.Established in 2007 - American concept, re engineered and built by Lewmar UK for European Market which has now officially expanded to New Zealand.   Design Features: CE Certified316 Stainless Steel ConstructionLow power supply required can run either 12v or 24vKayospruce Sauleda PU Coated Canvas High UV wearEasy integration into new or existing roofsCompatible with a custom valance (up to 9kg)Supplied either flat or with a…continue reading →

SWITLIK – Survival Packs reading →

SWITLIK- How to abandon a ship

When you need to abandon ship Abandoning ship is always your last resort. If your boat is rapidly sinking or there’s a fire that can’t be extinguished or contained, then it’s time to abandon. In this moment of duress, you need to be prepared to act. Having a life raft on-board won’t keep you safe unless you have a plan on how to use it. When you need to abandon ship, you should have a well-oiled crew ready to react in an organized, efficient manner. How to abandon ship Don life jackets and…continue reading →

SWITLIK – Recovering a man overboard

Recovering a man overboard “Man overboard” is one of the last things you want to hear when you’re out on the water; but when it does having the ability to act, rather than freeze on the spot, could be the difference between life and death for the person-in-water. The response to the situation will vary depending on the size of your boat and the number of crew but there are a number of common steps that can be taken to attempt a safe recovery. Yell “Man Overboard” to alert the crew of the situation.Provide…continue reading →

Lewmar’s Proportional Thrusters

Proportional Thrusters Kiwi Yachting introduces Lewmar’s proportional thrusters – the perfect addition to any New Zealand boat with the unpredictable wind conditions. The new proportional thrusters from Lewmar have unlimited runtime, are very quite in use, maintenance free and suitable for 24V installation. The proportional series can be controlled by one of the four new proportional control panels developed for this new type of motor. Designed to mimic the experience of a hydraulic system, an adjustable throttle allows delicate and refined manoeuvring. Brushless motors have been chosen for their efficiency and extended run…continue reading →

Viper Gravity Feed Winch

Product of the month - Viper ‘Gravity Feed Winch’Bell Marine have launched the new Viper Gravity Feed ‘S series’ Free-Fall Anchor Winch which features an automated mechanical freefall (patent pending).This low maintenance winch rotates at a fall-rate of up to 138 metres per minute, while the powerful 1000W Immersion Proof Stainless Steel Motorised Gearbox retrieves your anchor at up to 45 metres per minute.This winch fits up to 180 metres of braid and is now supplied with everything you need to install it, including Viper’s bullet proof 5 year warranty which has a…continue reading →
New Year, New Boat Gear? Get a FREE Delta Anchor with LEWMAR Windlass!

New Year, New Boat Gear? Get a FREE Delta Anchor with LEWMAR Windlass!

Looking to upgrade your Windlass? Purchase a V700, Pro Series or Pro Fish LEWMAR Windlass and get a 4kg or 6kg Galvanised Delta Anchor thrown in for free! LEWMAR windlasses aim to relieve the aching muscles that sometimes come with anchoring and give you more confidence when deploying. Every LEWMAR winch is made of the finest quality materials and is engineered for speed, quiet operation and outstanding durability. The DELTA is the original high grade plough anchor, with its quick -set proven on production boats worldwide, and completes the ultimate anchoring system for…continue reading →
New Proline Tethers from Wichard – Your Safety without compromise

New Proline Tethers from Wichard – Your Safety without compromise

When it comes to safety, compromise is not an option. Wichard has developed a new generation of tethers to ensure maximum safety, ease of use and lightweight. The new Proline Tethers from Wichard provides you with maximum safety and peace of mind when at sea. Its innovative Ergo Lock System, which automatically closes and locks the snap hook, will secure you on board. Other features are the V-Nose design makes hooking and unhooking easy with one hand. Made from aluminium and ceramic materials, it the lightest tether on the market and also won’t…continue reading →