Viper S Series "Gravity Feed" 1000 Anchor Winch

After 5 years of R&D and field testing the wait is over Bell Marine has launched the new Viper GRAVITY FEED S Series Free Fall Anchor Winch. The unrivalled drop speed will ensure you hit your favourite fishing spot on target first time, every time.

Viper S Series “Micro” 1000 Anchor Winch

Don’t be fooled by the name “MICRO” or by its size, this is one of the most powerful electric drum winch for its size and was designed to fit into bow riders, tinnies, walk-around’s, bass boats and any boat with restricted anchor well space or even none at all. It still houses the famous Viper 1000W electric motor (hand polished 316 stainless steel) and rotates its drum at speeds of up to 40mtrs per minute (fall rate)!

Viper Pro Series 1500 Anchor Winch

The VIPER Pro Series II 1500 anchor winch is the most powerful in our range and is designed for larger vessel installations of 8 meters plus. The 1500 has a huge rope capacity of up to 200 meters of 6mm double braid rope, spliced to 10 meters of 8mm short link chain making anchor in deep water a breeze and the 1500 is powerful enough to haul up a 37lb plus anchor all day.

Viper Pro Series II 1000 Anchor Winch

The new Viper 1000W electric motor (hand polished marine 316 grade stainless steel) has made it one of best selling anchor winch in Australia. It has a fall rate of 45 meters per minute and a retrieval rate of over 41 meters per minute!