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By using the latest materials and design technology developed in the racing arena, Lewmar has completely transformed the sailing experience. Each hardware component is designed to work in perfect harmony with rope action, placing sail control squarely in your fingertips. The result? Smooth yet powerful deck-to-sail movement that you can feel confident about.


Blocks range in size from 30mm to 250mm and come in various forms including single and becket, triples, doubles, footblocks etc. Two types of block are available, one with roller bearings for rapid sheet trim and the other with plain bearings for high static loads

Clutches and Cleats

Lewmar continues to define rope clutch technology with a variable geometry handle and unique grip pattern of dominos that prevent rope fray. This revolutionary system has been independently tested time and again and has won awards for its innovative framework.

Travellers and Cars

Lewmar offers a broad range of travellers and cars suitable for craft from 6m (20ft) to 30m (100ft).


Wide range of tracks available in different shape and length.

Organisers, pad eyes and other hardware

Wide range of organisers: Ocean, Synchro and racing range. All organisers have space to pass 2 lines between each sheave.