Blocks range in size from 30mm to 250mm and come in various forms including single and becket, triples, doubles, footblocks etc. Two types of block are available, one with roller bearings for rapid sheet trim and the other with plain bearings for high static loads.


Synchro Blocks

Lewmar Synchro blocks are engineered for speed, efficiency and superior handling. We use a combination of scientifically optimised block geometry, a Free-Spin bearing and self aligning head to reduce friction and increase efficiency by up to 40% over budget blocks on mainsheet systems.

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HTX Blocks

Years of deisng and manufacturing experience, combined with collaboration with boat builders, designers, and sailors, has resulted in the Lewmar HTX Hardware Range. Drawing upon the design of the racing range, the HTX blocks are constructed simply from high quality materials, providing enhanced reliability. Ideal for frequently adjusted, highly loaded systems using modern line technology and reduced line diameters.

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Racing block

Racing Blocks

Lewmar Racing Blocks represent the pinnacle of Lewmar’s standard block range. Manufactured from the best materials, they offer incredible strength to weight ratios.

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