Manoeuvring around the dock area can be difficult, but Lewmar’s TT Thrusters make docking simple.

The revolutionary design of the TT propeller, the latest in Lewmar’s long history of custom thruster solutions, achieves perfectly even thrust in both directions for maximum control and manoeuvrability.

All Lewmar Thrusters have been extensively tested, resulting in a smooth, efficient and quiet performance that will have you docking like a pro in no time.

View theΒ Thruster Selection GuideΒ to select the right thruster for your boat.

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110TT Thruster.69

TT Electric Thruster

For highly controlled manoeuvring in restricted situations Lewmar’s TT Electric Thrusters represent a move forward in design and function. Easy installation and maintenance free operation are benefits that will attract both builders and owners. A comprehensive program of testing has proved that the new Lewmar Thrusters deliver efficient, balanced and supremely quiet performance.

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Retracting Thruster

Retracting thrusters are ideal for higher performance sailing yachts, and fast planing or semi-displacement hulls. With the thruster in a raised position it offers a completely fair hull section causing minimum drag.

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185TT Hydraulic_0

Hydraulic Thruster

A full range of hydraulic thrusters from 185 to 300 are available with all the benefits of the standard range TT thrusters. The compact hydraulic thrusters offer significant weight saving and extend motor running time. Hydraulic versions need to be run from an external power source.

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Custom Thrusters

Manoeuvring larger vessels in today’s busy harbours and marinas can challenge even a skilled crew. Crosswinds and tides can be difficult to overcome with conventional propulsion and steering gear, particularly when stern to mooring, which is becoming a more common practice around the world. Lewmar Thrusters can help provide additional control just when you need it at the touch of a button, or move of a joystick. Lewmar has a range of well-proven thrusters that suit sail or power vessels up to 150ft. Many of our custom Thrusters are available with Bronze or Aluminium legs. Contact Lewmar for details.

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