Wichard blocks, wholly designed and manufactured in Wichard factories, feature high -performance materials and are subjected to rigorous manufacturing and quality assurance processes. For whatever type of block, ball bearing, the shape of the sheave suits all modern ropes. They are also very easy to install due to the various types of fastening options.

soft block mxl

MXL Soft Block

When used in conjunction with heavy loads (mastfoot block, spinnaker tack point), normal friction blocks are heavy and take up space. Following on from our success with the MX halyard shackle, Wichard is proud to present the MXL: a new soft block solution for ropes. Accessible to all, the MXL is strong, reliable, light and fits anywhere.

frx rings

FRX Rings

FRX Wichard thimbles are efficient, light and reliable. Very strong, they can be used for heavy loads and semi-static lines. FRX thimbles are designed to make your lines run smoothly with minimum wear. They are hard anodized (50 microns) for a longer lifespan.

mx block

MX Block

The MX Block is perfect for taking on the heavy loads of flying sail furler terminals and 2:1 purchase mainsail halyards, mastfoot deflection.