The Ultimate Chase Boat with Unparalleled Sea Keeping
Southern Pacific have 30 years of experience with providing chase boats to yacht clubs, this has led to the creation of a class-leading rigid inflatable with unparalleled seakeeping abilities.
Focusing on yacht club support boats, Rob Shaw Design were commissioned to create a 6 metre inflatable with improved features to make it effortless to operate in any conditions.
Their team of top naval architect designers worked collectively to produce the ultimate high performance coach boat.
Alongside Rob Shaw, Hauraki Consultancy engineered an extremely stiff and strong GRP hull with internal side channels to improve water flow to the bilge.
The high – shear bow design, outboard well and high transom provides a dry ride with controlled wind performance allowing it to penetrate through all seaways whilst maximizing the waterline length.
The PerformR includes seating aft without compromising internal space whilst featuring improved storage space in the bow. The hull deck and internal structure are entirely CNC moulded, with a range of tubes being offered.
Southern Pacific proudly welcomes this ultimate chase boat to their fleet, and to the Australasian market, as the PerformR incorporates all features necessary to keep you dry whilst performing effortlessly in any conditions.

The PerformR Information Sheet