Sparcraft has been associated with engineering excellence and innovation in the marine industry for over 50 years, specialising in the design, engineering and manufacture of masts, booms and rigging systems of the highest quality.

Sparcraft Rigging assembles and sells quality standing and running riggings. SP.R is based near RDM Sparcraft in La Rochelle, with whom a synergy allows to offer a mast/rigging package.

The selected parts are manufactured with the best alloys from European origin according to reliable and tested machining and forging methods. The numerous quality controls and a strict traceability placed SPR to the top of the rigging line.

Kiwi Yachting is able to provide a range of Sparcraft rigging solutions, including:



Sparcraft offers a new range of bowsprits. Easily removed from the deck these innovative spars can be fitted on sailing boats from 25 to 57 feet. They have been specially designed for Gennakers/ Code zero or asymmetric Spinnakers. The deck fixing device allows a free foredeck when arriving at the harbour or mooring.



Sparcraft offers two ranges of vangs issued from our rigging experience; Performance & Ocean, according to your boat and your sailing program : cruising or racing.



Sparcraft Rigging DPt assembles and sells quality standing and running riggings.Β The Sparcraft Rigging DptΒ  is based in La Rochelle.Β A synergy with the Masts Division allows to offer a mast/rigging package.



Standard or custom, aluminium or composite, traditional or motorized, the Sparcraft booms are optimized for your boat. Their design, manufacturer and ease of operation thanks to our experience, will be appreciate under sail.