Baltic safety products' aim is to improve the security and safety of people on or near the water. Baltic never compromise on design, quality, components or workmanship. Their commitment to total quality has made them the largest manufacturer of lifejackets and buoyancy aids in Europe.


Secumar places the greatest priority on reliability and quality of their products. All Secumar lifejackets have a Duo-Protect System whereby the buoyancy chamber has a second skin in the form of a tear-resistant foil. This prevents the life-jacket losing its water tightness and it resists punctures. Additional safety innovations introduced by Secumar include 3D buoyancy system, valve technology, and the ‘click‘ front buckle.




CSM is committed to offering high-quality liferafts across their entire range. They are continually doing research and development to improve products to ensure CSM always provides safety to member of the marine industry.

Switlik Offshore Passenger Raft

Switlik Offshore Passenger Rafts are designed to provide emergency flotation, secure shelter and unmatched stability in the toughest environments. Made for easy and safe entry and provide unmatched stability during search and rescue retrieval.


The range of Waypoint Liferafts, from the Waypoint Coastal to the ISO 9650-1 Ocean, have been designed for maximum safety. Waypoint Liferafts are suitable for all aspects of yachting, whether cruising or racing, fishing and other commercial vessels whose liferaft requirements are covered by the ISO 9650-1 standard.


Man Overboard & Recovery

SOS DanBuoy

The SOS Dan Buoy is contained in a compact unit that self-inflates on contact with the water in a man-overboard situation. The 2 meter high marker is visible from up to 1700m away and a keel-like weighting system holds it upright in virtually any sea state where pole markers or life rings might lose visual contact.


Switlik Man Overboard and Rescue Modules (MOM) are designed to provide flotation in the quickest and safest way to a man overboard victim while ensuring that the victim can be easily and safely recovered back on board.