Inflatable Lifejackets

Baltic lifejackets are designed to be comfortable to wear for long periods. All models are designed to fit closely to the body, constructed using soft pliable yet highly durable materials.

Flotation Clothing

Traditional buoyancy aids work well in water but not on the dance floor. Baltic’s latest modern stylish boating clothing has the bonus of being an approved buoyancy aid. The buoyancy in this clothing is provided either by buoyant foam or an inflatable lung. These are 50N buoyancy aids and these products are only suitable for competent swimmers.

Inherently Buoyant Lifejackets

If you cannot swim do not worry, you still can get out on the water because of our lifejackets. Our lifejackets are tested and approved to the CE 100 Newton standard which means in addition to helping you float it will turn you over onto the safe back position. This is the obvious choice for babies and small children.

Buoyancy Aids

Quick drying, lightweight and comfortable to wear as with all buoyancy aids they only be used by competent swimmers. Having a long lifespan these buoyancy aids are suitable for many uses on or near water.

Lifebuoys and Lifeslings

For extra security it is always advisable to have a rescue system on board. This should not be instead of a lifejacket and buoyancy aid but rather as a complement. We have developed user friendly systems for various applications.

Safety Harnesses and Lines

When the worlds top sailors are moving around on deck they rely on our harnesses and safety lines. Do not settle for less! All our safety harnesses and lines are approved to EN1095 and EN ISO 12401 for national and offshore racing.

Pet Buoyancy Aids

Mans best friend should be able to enjoy the water as much as he does. We have therefore developed ranges of comfortable pet aids for all sizes of dogs and cats. All our aids feature good buoyant qualities and have lifting straps.