Safety Harnesses and Lines

The best way to avoid falling into the sea is to be aware of your environment and to use a safety harness and safety line. A safety harness is worn under an inflatable lifejacket or over a buoyancy aid and 100N lifejacket. The harness has a stainless steel D-ring to attach the safety line, the other end fastens either to a secure attachment point on board or to a jackstay. A jackstay running fore and aft allows you to move around without having to unhook. Safety line come in several different models, the most popular having two hooks. One hook fastens to the harness with the other to the boat. Three hook lines are also available, one fastens to the harness and the other two to the boat: this enables you to move without being detached. If you have a requirement to save weight, Baltic offers a model that has a sewn loop at one end that loops through the harness.

All harnesses and lines are tested and approved according to EN 12401, as well as the integrated safety harness incorporated into a range of other Baltic products.