CSM ISO Liferaft Coastal Pack is compliant with YNZ Cat 2 & Cat 3. Built from high quality rubberized fabrics, CSM ISO liferafts are manufactured and certified to ISO9650:2000; GJB 9001A-2001 and have type approval in China, Europe, Japan, Russia, USA, Canada and Australasia. It is available as both a valise or container.

Included equipment:

  • 2x Rocket parachute signal
  • 3x Hand flares
  • Torch
  • Buoy bailer
  • 2x Sponges
  • Whistle
  • 1x Sea-sickness bag per person
  • Day-light mirror
  • Illustration of survived signal
  • Bellow
  • Repair outfit
  • Operation manual of liferaft
  • 2x Paddles
  • Sea anchor
  • Buoy rescue quoit
  • Knife
  • 6x Anti-seasickness tablets per person
  • Note book