Secumar places the greatest priority on reliability and quality of their products. All Secumar lifejackets have a Duo-Protect System whereby the buoyancy chamber has a second skin in the form of a tear-resistant foil. This prevents the life-jacket losing its water tightness and it resists punctures. Additional safety innovations introduced by Secumar include 3D buoyancy system, in-built pLB system, valve technology, and the β€˜clickβ€˜ front buckle.

Inflatable Lifejackets

Secumar offers a number of lifejacket solutions for a range of different areas: canoeing, dinghy sailing, keelboat sailing, motoring boating or fishing.

Children Lifejackets

Even small sailors need lots of safety equipment. Secumar offers many different solutions. The top of the range models are Mini and Junior with the new Winglet buoyancy system and Duo-Protect double layer inflatable bladder.