The range of Waypoint Liferafts, from the Waypoint Coastal to the ISO 9650-1 Ocean, have been designed for maximum safety. They are suitable for all aspects of yachting, whether cruising or racing, fishing and other commercial vessels whose liferaft requirements are covered by the ISO 9650-1 standard.

Ultra Light Coastal

The Waypoint Coastal single tube is a 4 person valise compliant with YNZ Cat 3. It is a new approach to small boat safety. Built with the same high quality materials as all of our other models, it is the best value for money safety items on board the small, under 8 meter boat.


The Waypoint Coastal is the answer to the safety of boaters who do not venture far Offshore. However it is built with the same materials and high quality of workmanship as all of our other models.

Ocean Elite

Ocean Elite liferaft is one of the best liferafts in the market today for the ocean sailor. It complies and exceeds the ISO 9650-1 Group A regulations for < 24 hrs and also > 24 hrs (with additional extra equipment). It meets the MCA code of practice and complies with the ISAF regulations for Ocean Racing worldwide.