Flat Deck

FlatDeck is a powerful furling system fitted with a webbing. This great Facnor innovation offers safe and easy headsail furling: no reefing line overriding and an important torque. Overall, with the FD low profile drum, you benefit from a maximum luff!

Safety – no risk of overriding

The webbing is guided evenly and smoothly onto the drum. This eliminates overrides as the webbing lays flat inside the drum.


This new webbing concept illustrates our commitment to innovation and design in the furling system manufacturing. All the kit elements have been carefully designed for easy and simple use featuring; new webbing to furling line swivel, adapted stanchion blocks, large diameter drum and torlon ball bearings.


Maximized luff thanks to the low profile drum and the Genoa tack and foot that lays close to the deck. The Flat Deck offers 20 cm of additional luff length compared to an equivalent classic drum style furler.