FX+ Fast

The FX+ furler, fitted with the Fast Thimble, allows to furl in the Asymmetric Spinnakers from the cockpit by pulling the bottom furling line. The anti-twist rope rotates up to the top end and then transmits the rotation from the head to the tack of sail. With tis simple system, it is possible to use your existing asymmetric Spinnaker.

With theΒ FX+ furler,Β you will furl your asymmetric Spinnaker as easily as your Gennaker. Handle your sail comfortably from the cockpit by just pulling the continuous furling line. This operation will make the drum and then the anti-twist luff rope rotate. Sail furls in from head to tack.Β The continuous line drum prevents the furling line from overriding. The furling line can be removed from the drum without any mechanical operation.