NDE2 / NDH2 Motorised Furler

Profurl ND Electric Furlers give convenience, performance and reliability, every time you sail

The new ND motorised furlers from Profurl are the highlight of more than 30 years of experience in motorised sail furlers. These new models have been designed to give you enhanced convenience, performance and reliability every time you sail.

Profurl has developed a unique twin motor system which lets you manoeuvre head sails quickly, easily and repeatedly using hydraulic or electric system. The new ND furler is made from high-quality materials that ensure enhanced durability and longevity. The new design is more compact so it can be used on all deck layouts and can be adjusted to suit your existing forestay.


  • Minimal noise
  • Low power consumption, no need for specialised batteries
  • Options for boats from 9 to 22m
  • Maintenance free construction with 3 year worldwide warranty
  • Easy to convert from manual to motorised
  • Includes handle socket for manual operation in case of power supply failure
  • Auto-locking mechanism

NDE2: Electric ModelsΒ 


NDH2: Hydraulic Models