Spinex Top-Down Furler

Discover our Spinex, the new solution to furl and unfurl asymmetric spinnakers. Thanks to the integration of the Sail Bearing Technology developed by Profurl, with a Spinex system you will be able to operate easily and safely your asymmetric spinnaker. It comes complete with a drum, swivel, cable, end fitting, tack swivel etc. Except for the length of the cable, the Spinex is ready to fit and ready to use out of the box.

The Spinex system offers sail bearing technology for efficient and reliable furling. Sail Bearing Technology comprises high-density spheres that spin freely around the anti-twist cable in order to protect the sail from the cable. Sail Bearing Technology allows you to:

  • keep the sail away from the cable
  • stop reverse furling, which causes the sail to jam
  • reduce wear of the sailcloth
  • make furling easier and faster because it has a greater diameter
    than the cable on its own

The Spinex is also multipurpose and adaptable. Remove the tack swivel and turn your SPINEX into a NEX ready to use with gennakers and code zeros, and Profurl’s SPIN KIT fits on NEX furlers.

Other advantages:

  • Compatible with NEX technology, such as I-Connect, Safe System, etc.
  • Improved safety when worked from the cockpit or short-handed.
  • Requires little storage space.
  • System compatible with all types of asymmetric spinnakers.