DF200 / DF225 / DF250 / DF250AP / DF300AP

Packed with proven technologies, outstanding performance and fuel efficiency
  • Compact High Performance V6: Suzuki V6 marine engines are the most compact in their class with an offset driveshaft for better balance
  • World First Innovation: Suzuki engineers have incorporated several new features including selective rotation (200AP/DF250AP/DF300AP)
  • Advanced Performance: New hydrodynamic gear case design has reduced drag by up to 36% from the previous model for faster acceleration and top end speed (DF250AP/ DF300AP)


DF100 / DF115 / DF140

Advanced performance, large displacement, and remarkably light in weight.
  • Big block performance: High-end power from 2867 cm3 powerheads together with compact design in the DF150/175
  • Lean Burn Control System: Predicts fuel needs according to operating conditions allowing for a more efficient fuel mixture in the DF100/115/140/150TG/175TG/200A/200AP/250AP/300AP
  • Pure exhilaration: The combination of a large prop, lower gear ratio and offset drive shaft delivers plenty of torque, exhilarating acceleration and exciting top-end speed